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General Construction F.A.Q.

FAQ of Scheer Construction1. What is a General Contracting Company?

A general contracting company such as Scheer Construction Inc. is a licensed insured company that administers and manages all phases of various and complex construction projects. Scheer Construction Inc brings years of experience to all areas of construction including but not limited to design, contract administration, sub contractor and material guidance and selection, on site job management, schedule and cost accounting.  Our team of professionals guides our clients thru the challenges of the construction process with ease. Professional results require skilled professionals.

2. What does “Turn Key” Mean?

Many of our clients prefer to have minimal or limited involvement in the construction process, once a design and budget is approved the client contracts us to handle everything involved with the project from the start of preliminary work to placement of furnishings. We then present our client the key to their completely ready to move in project, hence the term “Turn Key”.

Building Designs3. What is the definition of a Design Build Project?

Design Build is a single construction contract process in which our design build team work with our clients to realize the completion of a desired need or want to build, add or alter a structure. Design Build is used when a client wishes to deal with Scheer Construction Inc. as a single source entity.

4. What is the difference between a Remodel Project and a Historical Restoration Project?

A remodel project is usually a renovation or upgrading of an existing structure. Commonly this would include upgrades of plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems. Kitchen and bathroom remodel. Room Additions and installation of energy efficient doors, windows, insulation, solar panels etc. Historical Restorations may include all of the elements of the above but with the important distinction of keeping the outward appearance of the structure to exact time period or style of the original. Although both types of projects require skilled craftsman and quality materials restoration work usually requires reproduction of woodwork, doors, moldings, lighting, hardware etc. that in must cases must be reproduced in a custom shop. At Scheer Construction Inc. we own and operate our own shop as well as our own window, door, frame, and hardware distributing business.

Expense of General Contractors5. How does Scheer Construction work with clients on a tight budget?

Scheer Construction Inc. prepares estimates that are as accurate as possible. We operate efficiently and work with sub contractor repeatedly year after year which helps keep estimates as competitive as possible.

6. Will obtaining an estimate cost me?

Scheer Construction inc. always offers free initial estimates. If the client, for example an insurance company requires a extra detailed cost, expert services or a time line study these are handled on a hourly bases.

7. Does Scheer Construction handle small projects, such as a staircase or a new driveway?

No matter what your construction needs are, give us a call… if the job is not a good fit, we may be able to refer you to the right company or person for the job.

Guarantee Satisfaction8.  Does Scheer Construction guarantee their work?

Scheer Construction Inc. not only guarantees all work but also oversees all sub contractor and material warranties and guarantees. Scheer Construction Inc has proudly stood by our work for our many repeat and new customers since 1984.

9. Can Scheer handle large commercial projects?

Yes, give us a call.

10. Does Scheer Construction handle projects that are not in Southern California?


Cost Plus - Fixed Cost Contracts11. What is a “Cost Plus” Contract?

 Cost plus contracts are used frequently in the construction business. Typically this type of contract is a predetermined percentage that is added to the actual cost of the project. This type of contract is used for many different reasons. This type of contract offers maximum flexibility. For example, due to time reasons a client may need to expedite a construction project before all the final details are decided. In some cases projects may require the use of specialty sub contractors and or unusual materials or some specific contractual situation may apply. In most instances the client can receive the direct benefit of contractor discounts. The client will receive detailed cost breakdowns at agreed upon intervals during the course of the construction project.

12. What is a “Fixed Price” Contract?

 Fixed price contracts are very specific concerning price, quantity, material grade and type. This type of contract is not flexible by its very nature. This type of contract requires that the client have a thorough understanding of the blueprints as well as all of the construction and design details. One example of this contract would be a foundation or footing is shown on a blueprint to be 20’ long by 18” deep but after inspection the soils engineer calls for the footing to be 24” deep thus costing more and requiring a change order. The fixed price contract is also a common contract and is a good contract when the client knows and understands the contract as well as the construction and design data. In cases where the client does not have a clear understanding of the design, a model or a mockup can be built for a fee.

13. Why is Scheer Construction Inc. the best choice for “Green Building and Design?”

 We at Scheer Construction Inc understand what green design and building is all about. Our design team will incorporate green products, energy and water savings materials and concepts whenever a client so desires. We offer a complete line of green and energy saving products such as windows, doors, insulation, water heaters, solar and energy saving appliances etc. Scheer Construction also offers energy audits, energy saving design and retrofitting of existing buildings. These processes will not only save energy and money but some qualify for tax rebates and or deductions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the process Scheer Construction uses please contact us here.