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Scheer Construction – Services:

Here is a list of our most popular services we offer to our clients. Our expertise and range of services can encompass any project you’re looking to complete. Contact us here for more information.

Here is a short list of our most common services we provide to our clients:

  • Remodel and refurbish homes, offices and production faculties.
  • Construction of custom homes.
  • Construction and remodel of television, film, sound and production faculties.
  • Remodel of commercial, industrial faculties.
  • New doors and door hardware. Homes, offices, medical centers. This is one of the best ways to improve the appearance and ease of operations of any building.
  • Installation of all types of moldings and custom wall treatments such as door casing, crown molding, base molding, chair railing, wainscoting and paneling is one of they most cost effective ways to greatly improve the look of any home, office, condominium, or hospitality structure.
  • Additions to homes, offices, production faculties etc.